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Space Science

Encoder for Space Science Installed in Tiangong&Shenzhou Spacecraft. High temperature/EMC/strong shock Resitance with high precision make it successfully fulfill the measureing task.

Steel Industry

Steel Industry have some of the harshest conditions which need encoders carry out important measuring tasks. Encoders must ensure a safe and interruption-free process and meet the requirement of faster response times, high shock & vibration resistance and higher efficiencies.

Packaging Industry

The packaging process also needs to satisfy the demands for increased machine flexibility and high performance.

Off Highway Vehicles

Off Highway Vehicles Industry encompasses agricultural, forestry, construction and mining machines as well as special and municipal vehicles.

Wind&Solar Industry

Wind&Solar Industry Absolute encoder like SSI, CANOPEN, with 38mm / 58mm out diameter. Heavy duty Incremental encoder. Wireless Encoder. Inclinometer. We can go through tough environment test.

  • Oil and gas Industry

    The oil and gas industry needs to meet the growing demand for energy with cost pressures and environmental sensitivity.

  • Encoders for elevator technology

    Ensuring a safe and dependable operation is the goal in the elevator industry.


  • Incremental Encoders

    Extremely compact design
    Various interface for option
    Compact housing and flexible assembly
    Applied in harsh environments

  • Absolute Encoders

    Single turn & multi-turn rotary encoder
    Analog interface
    Available resolution up to 16 bits
    Applied in highest industrial requirements

  • Draw-line Encoders

    Extremely compact design
    Various interface for option
    Compact housing and flexible assembly
    High resolution
    Applied in harsh environments




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