Our Team

We Position-Pro Tech's Research Team is from China National Space Center. We have provided sensors & solutions for many colleges, institutes, companies such as Tsinghua UniversityHuazhong University of Science and Technology, China aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

Cooperation between our skilled sales team and advanced engineering team, allows us to do all electronic and mechanical design and manufacturing in our high-tech facility in Suzhou China; and deliver our Chinese products to beloved customers and partners in very short times. We are well prepared and excitingly interested in building long-term relationships with our partners and providing the best solutions for you. 


Our Products

Our sensors includes measuring linear and circular movements of various kinds of machinery; such as optical and magnetic encoders, draw wire sensors, optical linear scales, digital readout systems, tilt sensors, are completely hassle-free, long-lasting and outstanding quality.

With profound technical knowledge allows us to always find the optimal customized solutions for our customers in various industries with different applications for measuring, such as plastic injection machinery, iron and steel machinery, packaging machinery, wood marble and glass-working machinery, bending machinery as press brakes, textile machinery, hydraulics, robotics etc. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to continually improve in all areas of the business.  To push our understanding and technology ever further and to implement the best systems to ensure we have the tools to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

We do not focus on growth as an end goal; we focus on the development of excellent products and processes, and with the aim of exceeding our customer expectations.  The welcome by-product of this philosophy is continued growth and development.


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