Collaborative Robots


Collaborative Robots improves the manufacturing production capabilities, all with the ability of operating alongside the workforce. Collaborative robots (cobots) improve employee morale and worker safety by automating repetitive, potentially dangerous tasks. It is the access to the most extensive line of cobots ever to handle case packing, case erecting, palletizing, and labeling.

Collaborative Robot has the characteristics of human-robot interaction, convenient  operation, controllable volume and  light  weight. With  the expansion of application scenarios for the collaborative robot, users require collaborative robots to have  higher absolute positioning accuracy. The collaborative robot needs high-precision position encoders and accurate kinematic parameters for itself to improve the positioning accuracy. The existing kinematic parameters identification equipment for the series industrial robots is expensive, which it is difficult to be widely used. In order to solve these problems, we Poisiton-Pro design a high-precision magnetic encoder to adapt this application.





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